Awesome Thoughts about SmackDown Live - 01.17.2017

Five Awesome Thoughts about SmackDown Live 01.17.2017:
The Miz Getting Some Main Event Love! -- Will It Last?
Natalya Gets Even Meaner! -- Who Knew She Had It In Her?
Ziggler Also Gets Even Meaner! -- Are We Believing It?
The Wyatt Family Is Fighting! -- Will This Help Any of Them?
Women's Cage Match! -- Was It Over-Shadowed?

SmackDown Live had another eventful night. They seem to still be firing on all cylinders.

As usual, I have some awesome thoughts about the show, and they are as follows:


The Miz has been putting in the best work of his career and it looks like he's poised to keep a spot at the top of the card.
SmackDown Live is right at the spot where they need to indroduce some new stuff and I think putting the Miz in the World Heavyweight Title mix is perfect.
The only concern is that right now AJ Styles holds the title and he's a heel. I would hope they don't give it to Cena as a way to transition it to Miz, as we've seen the Miz vs Cena thing already and I'd much rather find a way to get AJ as a face and then have a heel Miz battle him for the title.


Natalya is doing great work with this heel turn. I had all but given up on Nattie ever getting a real shot at a good storyline as her acting seemed way below par.
I'm happy to say I was wrong, as she's is spitting venom with this current run and the line about Nikki Bella being just like Bret Hart because they're both going to die alone was just vicious. I loved it.
I also like the angle of it clearly having a lot to do with jealousy as it's believable that she would be pissed at so many wrestlers that are no where near as good as her getting bigger spots. 


Dolph Ziggler certainly isn't wowing me with his acting skills, but it's much easier to pull off resting bitch face than a lot of other emotions, so I'm not hating it.
However, that interaction with Jerry Lawler went over really well, especially since they used the heat of attacking a hometown hero.
I kind of want Dolph to keep the super kick aimed at the heart from here on out. 


We knew this was coming sooner or later. It may not even happen quickly, they may draw it out over time, but Orton will be leaving the Wyatt Family eventually.
I've said it already in an earlier edition of Awesome Thoughts, but I want Luke Harper to come in with the swerve and attack Wyatt and side with Orton.
Let Harper be controlled by Orton and turn Wyatt face. The fans have been wanting to cheer Bray Wyatt since he showed up and they haven't really had a legitimate chance to do so.
It will be interesting to see how this plays out. 


Mickie James is back on the WWE main roster! But, is this over-shadowing the big draw of the Cage Match that they were trying to get over?
Ah, who cares! I think I called this on an earlier edition of Awesome Thoughts, but I'm glad Mickie is the person behind the La Luchadora mask. It throws another wrinkle into this storyline and can perhaps now take Becky Lynch's attention away and we can get Alexa Bliss another woman to feud against.
Who should that be? Let me know your choice by using #TweetTheTable on Twitter and it might get read on the next available episode of The Spanish Announce Table podcast!

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- Captain Awesome
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