The Sexcellent Scandal of WWE's Seth Rollins! by @RealJasonRivera of

This Monday, events transpiring on Social Media would actually take precedence over the events on WWE's Monday Night RAW program when out of nowhere, the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts of WWE Superstar Seth Rollins were (allegedly) hacked into.  I say "allegedly" because if a password was known by, let's say, a jilted ex-lover, that's not a hack at all - that's someone being reckless with their personal information.  Posted from the account of Mr. Money in the Bank was a naked picture of WWE NXT developmental Diva, Zahra Schreiber.

The problem with this entire situation is that Rollins is (now was) engaged to his long-time girlfriend of many years, Leighla Schultz. 

While Rollins was in the ring cutting promos on Monday Night RAW (and fighting Ryback), the scorned Schultz, apparently now aware of her lover's betrayal would get the ultimate form of revenge by posting naked photos she had found on his phone, presumably sent to the women that he was attempting to sleep with.

 Wrestling fans presumed that perhaps both Rollins and Schultz had been targeted by hackers, but let's be honest:  most hackers really don't give a flying fuck about wrestlers and the last true hack we had seen was an attack years ago on former WCW champion-turned-WWE-commentator, Hall of Famer Booker T & his wife Sharmell well over 3 years ago.  In between, TNA's website may have gotten hacked, but nobody really cares about all that.  The details would reveal themselves that Leighla had gotten into Seth's accounts and found rather damning evidence of scumbaggery.

 However, a little segment on Episode 244 of our own program, Asked with Riv & Landin (EdWood wasn't there because he was sick) we got to speak with a special guest, known only as Lindsey from Canada, who had alleged that Seth Rollins attempted to sext her via Snapchat and Instagram and the two had pursued romantic & sexual possibilities briefly before Rollins randomly decided to cut all contact with her.  You can listen to the entire segment in the clip below, posted on our official YouTube page:

This clip was from an interview conducted on January 28th, 2015, a little less than 2 weeks before Rollins' personal exploits were plastered all over social media.  When the clip was initially posted we were called "liars," "fakes," "phonies" and even had people posting personal information about the hosts of our show in an attempt to discredit us.  Asked is an entertainment and comedy show but you can rest assured this situation actually happened - the fallout which followed is pretty strong, damning evidence we were onto something.  Many people asked us to provide MORE information, however, upon seeing exactly what kind of behavior was displayed by rabid, psychotic, mentally insane and deranged Seth Rollins fans who are content with making violent threats on the Internet towards us simply for asking questions we have removed personal information from the screenshots below from conversations with Seth Rollins that are also evidence of his misdeeds.  We hope even with information partially omitted you will enjoy these exclusive ListenToThisShow screenshots provided by one of the involved parties.

Seth Rollins offered a public apology and will receive no admonishment from WWE for his actions, which we are pleased to report.  However, there's still more to this story and we're always about a good story on our site.  We are pretty sure that many, many horny female nerds are going to masturbate violently to Seth's responses in the screenshots posted above and we are always eager to please.  But we wanted to set the record straight that our source is clearly a viable one and that if you want more information, you're going to have to listen to the upcoming episode of Asked, Episode 246 which will be available for LIVE listening at 10 PM EST Wednesday, February 11th where Johnny Landin and Jason Rivera, along with EdWood will ask the hard hitting questions you all want to know the answers to.  Until then, enjoy this photoshop of Seth Rollins where his dick has been replaced by Seth Rollins In a Hot Dog Costume.  

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