Friend of the Spanish Announce Table and Kansas City-based Wrestling Artist Rob Schamberger was in attendance for RAW in the City of Fountains on Monday, October 20, 2014.
Rob was invited by WWE to showcase his talents by live-painting Sting outside the Sprint Center before the show. 

Check out Rob's amazing paintings on his website or you can find them on Shop WWE. Rob is a great guy and a friend of the show and we highly recommend him for all of your rasslin' art needs!

                I follow a few things very closely. Obviously, TNA (and wrestling in general) is one of those items. I also follow television shows like Suits, Guy Ritchie films, and the Houston Texans. To spare a loyal reader, Kata, I’ll try to keep the NFL talk to a minimum, but it is essential to my point.

                I love it when a show or movie I watch somehow correlates with how I view Professional Wrestling. By now, most of you who read these understand that I take a bit more of the positive perspective approach to creative criticism. This, however, is not always the case and a movie I watched with my wife the other day – Chef - struck a clandestine nerve with me. We viewed the film expecting to be entertained by an out of the box story; which it delivered excellently as I do recommend seeing the show. Inside that 114 minute span, the main character (Jon Favreau) delivered a statement to the critic (Oliver Platte) who scrutinized his work earlier in the film:
You robbed me of my pride, of my career, my dignity… And I know people like you, you don’t usually care about that kind of thing. But you should know it hurts people like me; because we’re really trying.
Last year around this time, I wrote a blog about Bound for Glory 2013 going down infamously into the chronicles of TNA’s history. After 4 years of the Hogan Era, rumors about home grown talent leaving, and overwhelming negativity on social media, TNA was at a point where fans needed something to believe in. In my piece, I covered the fact that BFG needed to be that turning point in which the company moves back into what TNA Loyalist viewed to be their wrestling alternative. Personally, I feel they have done just that, but it has flown mostly under the radar of wrestling fans. Let me explain why I feel TNA earned my money, in spite of what many consider a lackluster build to this year’s BFG.

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