Artist Rob Schamberger stays classy as he paints the legendary "Classy" Freddie Blassie in this week's edition of Canvas 2 Canvas.

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There's not really anything exhilarating about Blake and Murphy, NXT's tag team champions. Their entrance music is some of the most generic ever. Their ring attire is bland. They don't have larger than life physiques or statures. They don't even have first names.
Despite these failings (and I don't know how you can't qualify lack of a first name as anything other than a failing) I like Blake and Murphy. Their music, while generic, has a charm to it. That it sounds like something that would be heard in a club scene on a low budget teen drama adds to its charm. The same goes for their ring gear: it's basic in an endearing sort of way. They work despite their many failings and creative clearly not knowing how to present them as the top tier tag team (within developmental) they clearly want them to be.

Rave music entrance. Doesn't get better than that.
It's not just irony that makes me like Blake and Murphy. They can, when given the opportunity, have a pretty decent tag team match. It helps that being in NXT means they're allowed to experiment and move away from the all-too-familiar formula of main roster doubles bouts. They're allowed to surprise us. And they have some solid double team moves to work with.

It's their out of the ring work that's possibly the best part of their act. Since winning the tag team championships they've established themselves as oblivious heels who act like stereotypical good guys (which nobody will ever do as well as Kurt Angle, but that's some stiff competition). Their interactions with Carmella, giving her flowers and necklaces and vaulting over couches to speak to her have been a particular highlight. They play vaguely creepy unfounded overconfidence incredibly well.

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Naomi's heel turn last month came out of the blue. Which is hardly a surprise as it wasn't something WWE had been planning to do. Naomi's new status within the Divas division was necessitated by the gap left by AJ Lee's sudden retirement and the decision to take Paige off TV for a month so that she could go and make a straight-to-DVD movie with The Miz1

Want to be a heel? Put on sunglasses. Instant heat.
It's generally accepted that had AJ stuck around she would have turned on Paige and been the heel challenger to a babyface Nikki Bella at Extreme Rules. I'm not sure this would have worked out well. While AJ had previously flourished as a heel I think fans would have been loath to boo her over Nikki. With Extreme Rules taking place in Chicago (the home of AJ's wrestler-turned-UFC prospect husband CM Punk, for those not in the know) I think Vince and co. would have stuck with the safer option of keeping AJ a face and Nikki a heel for that match. Things could easily have been reworked so that Nikki and Brie were the ones sending Paige packing for a month. AJ could have gone bad on Paige's return, allowing the Bellas to transition gradually into a face role. 

Things have worked out better than they likely would have with AJ around. We had seen every permutation of matches possible involving Nikki, AJ and Paige (and everything involving Brie Bella except a four-way match). A change up in the heel-face alignments could have refreshed things but not drastically. Someone new being moved up the women's ranks is preferable, and that's what AJ's retirement facilitated.

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Captain Charisma looks for his peeps in artist Rob Schamberger's newest painting.

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Despite their general lack of direction WWE has a pretty strong top end on their roster right now. John Cena is experiencing something of a resurgence thanks to the varied opposition his fourth reign as US champ has provided him. They have cowardly, conniving heel Seth Rollins walking around as WWE champion without having fully earned the right. Roman Reigns is ready to be tipped over into headlining champ territory at a moment's notice. And there's Brock Lesnar waiting in the wings to make a triumphant return as an unstoppable monster out for revenge and the world heavyweight championship. 

But despite this the company's hottest feud is between two mid-card tag teams.

We at the Spanish Announce Table would like to recognize The Iceman, weighing in at one hundred and sexy pounds, for being such a good friend to the show, even if he IS two shows behind on listening. An action so egregious he owned up to with the heartfelt quote: "My bad, I suck." 
Iceman, we could never be mad at you. Take all the time you need to listen to the delightful sounds of our voices as we expertly and so seriously breakdown the world of professional wrestling!
In honor of the Iceman, we present a video of something he should sell tickets to see. We will allow you to witness one of Iceman's Dance Contest performances! You're welcome.

The five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time WCW Champion makes his way to artist Rob Schamberger's canvas in this edition of Canvas 2 Canvas.

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Also be sure to check Rob out on YouTube -
NXT has been praised for its booking of female wrestlers for a while wow. Rightly so. The women's division of the WWE developmental league is significantly better than the Divas division of the main roster, featuring better matches fought between more over performers with better defined characters. But while NXT remains the wrestling TV show of choice for women's wrestling (and wrestling in general, for that matter) TNA have recently tried to steal some of its thunder.

The March 24 episode of Impact was advertised as being built around the Knockouts division. As things turned out this was a lie but only a minor one. The all important opening and closing segments both featured Kurt Angle, Austin Aries and Eric Young and there didn't seem to be any fewer lads matches than normal. But although the KOs didn't receive top billing or get either of the big star slots they were granted plenty of time on the show.

The first of the three women's matches to take place was a four-way between Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Brooke Nosurnameallowed, and Angelina Love. Although it wasn't as long as it could have been the four made excellent use of what time they had and pumped out a very good match. It was pretty much a case of the writing team slinging some bodies into a match because they had nothing else for them to do but they made it work. If nothing else this match served as a reminder that the Knockouts can have great matches when given the opportunity.

Sadly the debut of the Doll House faction didn't go as smoothly. Considering they were making their first appearance this segment should have had a fair bit of attention paid to it to ensure that members Jade and Marti Bell looked as strong as possible. That Jade lost by disqualification to a woman being presented as a jobber and only got her heat back by bullying Christie Hemme indicates that the writing team's attention was elsewhere.

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