Awesome Thoughts about RAW - 01.09.2017

Five Awesome Thoughts about RAW 01.09.2017:
HBK Was There! -- Did Anyone Care?
The Deadman Arises! -- Is He Dead In The Water?
Some Cruiserweights Have Character! -- Is It Enough Of Them?
Titus O'New Day! -- Should This Happen?
Jericho Wins U.S. Title! -- One Of The Greatest Wrestlers Of All Time?

RAW gave us two Legends of the professional wrestling industry, but did it make the show any more interesting?

As usual, I have some awesome thoughts about the show, and they are as follows:


Shawn Michaels used to be the most entertaining thing in the ring, whenever he stepped into it. He used to be must-see T.V.
He USED to.
Now, don't get me wrong, I still firmly believe he's the greatest of all time. I'm glad he found religion, if that's what it took to save him from his self-destructive behaviors, but I couldn't care less about this movie, and his entire promo and appearance was boring until Rusev showed up.
After Enzo and Cass came to the ring, Michaels (who used to be the most entertaining thing in the ring) became nearly the most boring. He was only slightly more entertaining than Jinder Mahal.
I think I'd rather just remember how great Shawn Michaels was, than be reminded of how great he no longer is.


The Undertaker returned to RAW to a HUGE pop! Taker made the big announcement that he will enter the 2017 Royal Rumble.
Now, I don't think even the most-naive of fans believe that the Undertaker will win The Royal Rumble, so what exactly IS he here for? I think seeing Braun Strowman watch him from backstage should clue us into the answer to that.
I guess I don't hate the idea that The Undertaker will take on Braun Strowman, because I believe that he would put Strowman over, to help keep this monster push going for Braun.
Although, it sure would be nice if the streak was in tact for this match. Lesnar never needed that credibility, but Strowman sure could use it. 


So my biggest knock on the Cruiserweights, when the division started, was that there was no real storylines, outside of the one where they basically said Brian Kendrick was acting like a child molestor and picking up TJ Perkins from high school to take him somewhere and roll around with him in his underwear.
Now, however we have the Noam Dar storyline where he's trying to get some of that hot Alicia Fox action, and we've got The Extraordinary Gentleman Jack Gallagher.
So, I'll give props where it's due, and say the Cruiserweights have stepped up their storyline game. 


I'm enjoying this Titus O'Neal/New Day storyline, even if they are pulling it off a bit awkwardly.
Titus has not been this entertaining, well, ever. The New Day needed something to do after losing their titles recently, and it would be weird for them to just jump right into another tag team feud after having had the title for a record-breaking amount of time.
Where does this lead though? Is one of the New Day going to turn on the others and team-up with Titus? If so, who... who... WHO?


Chris Jericho is just awesome. The dude continues to be one of the coolest things on wrestling television after decades of being around. That's not something most wrestlers could ever say.
I'm super glad they decided to put this belt on him, and I think the title will be way better off with Jericho defending it, than with Roman Reigns.
Jericho can carry a storyline and a feud that will help build whichever wrestler is eventually slated to take it off of him.
So where does Jericho rank on the list of The Greatest Professional Wrestlers of All Time? Is he Top 10? What do you think? Let me know by using #TweetTheTable on Twitter, or sending an email to

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- Captain Awesome
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