Awesome Thoughts about SmackDown Live - 01.10.2017

Five Awesome Thoughts about SmackDown Live 01.10.2017:
Nasty Natty! -- Can She Keep This Up?
The Wyatt Family Feud! -- Will It Be How We Expect?
Super Cena! -- Does WWE Still Not Get It?
Ziggler's Still A Heel! -- But, Barely?
Carmella and Ellsworth Sitting In A Tree! -- But-For-How-L-O-N-G?

Another week, another SmackDown Live. Are they keeping up their momentum?

As usual, I have some awesome thoughts about the show, and they are as follows:


I'm super glad Natalya finally turned heel. It's a believable gripe to portray, and I think she's pulling it off really well.
She shouldn't stop here either. She should run through Nikki Bella, and then move on to the next "pretty-girl" that she feels only got where she is because of her looks.
This is the first time Nattie has been intriguing to watch since she was teaming with Beth Phoenix.


We saw a little more discension in the ranks of The Wyatt Family this week, and I'm glad we did.
Clearly Randy Orton being in The Wyatt Family can't go on forever, so I'm sure this will lead to something at WrestleMani, but can they throw us a curveball? Will Luke Harper actually turn on Wyatt and follow Orton?
Think about Orton being the evil, mind-controlling leader of Luke Harper. Wouldn't that be fun?


They don't get it. WWE just does NOT get it. They have been clearly booking Corbin strong with the intent of getting him into main event territory, which they have sort of accomplished, but they just had him take one AA from Cena and get pinned.
Now, I know one single loss doesn't completely obliterate his push, but it certainly doesn't make him look very credible right now. Nor does it help the storyline of "Cena's time is over" that you've been using with Corbin.
Make it look at least a LITTLE like Cena had to pull something out of his bag of tricks. ANYTHING!


Okay, so Dolph Ziggler is clearly a heel now, right? I mean he's walking around with resting bitch face, and he's beating up the babyfaces, so that's all that's needed, right?
I hope maybe they're just slow-playing this but I'd like to see him change up his geat and music a little bit. I get he can still be the "show-off" and "Mr. Steal Your Girl", but he would definitely need to finish this "I'm angry at everyone and want them to leave me alone" thing first.
As of right now, it's seeming hard to care about why's he's angry, and that is NOT what you want out of a heel turn. 


I'm still on this. I like this angle a lot, and I like that Carmella is about to take James Ellsworth shopping, I want him to start being the one that gets over on Carmella.
I already discussed how I want James to eventually be revealed as a smart, cunning guy that was actually the one using Carmella the whole time to get a piece of tail he likely had ZERO shot at. However, what if that wasn't even the case and what if we stick with Ellsworth's recent proclivity to make really dumb choices?
So, Carmella keeps having James around, thinking she's just using him as a pawn, but then starts to fall for some of his inexplicable charm. At the same time, James starts, for some reason, believing her attention means that he is actually desirable to the other ladies on SmackDown. Now of course, those other ladies will see the potential to use him like Carmella was and one of them will eventually lure James away, crushing Carmella's heart in the process, turning her baby face, and then James gets used and dumped by the other girl.
Good heel heat for whoever that girl is, great face turn for Carmella, and James gets to stay the same guy who keeps making dumb choices and gets in his own way.

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- Captain Awesome
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