Awesome Thoughts about RAW - 01.02.2017

Five Awesome Thoughts from RAW 01.02.2017:
JeriKO Is Still On Fire! -- Do They Burn Out Soon??
Match of the Year Bar Already Set High! -- Too Early To Win?
The New Day Still Together! -- Are They Old News?
Bayley In A Zayn-like Underdog Story! -- How Is It Different?
Lesnar and Strowman and Goldberg, Oh My! -- Will Roman "Reign" Supreme?

RAW came out swinging with their first show of 2017, but did they hit a home run? Did they even make it to first base? Here are my awesome thoughts on the show:


Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens have never failed to entertain me since they began this friendship angle, but do they need to split up sooner, rather than later?
These two find a new way to make me smile each week, like having some poor schmuck stand there with a sign on his face as the sign for the Kevin Owens show.
This ability to do this every week would lead one to believe that they should not break up until they can no longer consistently do this, but let's not forget how rewarding it can be to break up a good team before we expect it.
You only need to look at the S.H.I.E.L.D. to see how well that can work.
I definitely think that a breakup should occur soon, and have the blow up at WrestleMania, or at the very least, have the breakup happen at Mania, to build excitement to the next event.


Okay, okay, okay, don't get mad at me; I know this won't be Match of the Year, but they did manage to set the bar at a decent level.
What I liked about this Last Man Standing Match was that it helped both guys at the same time. Zayn looked like he could hang for a long time in a brutal match, but didn't make Strowman look weak at all. Strowman still looks like a legitimate monster of a man that is going to run through some competition.
The end of RAW even gave us a glimpse of what WWE thinks Strowman can handle by putting him in the same conversation as some of their golden boys.
So, Match of the Year Candidate? Yes, only because we're only two days into the year, but, it did give us a starting point from which to measure the eventual other match candidates against. 


The New Day had a record-breaking tag team title reign, and it would feel too obvious to break them up immediately. Plus, we don't exactly have great examples of what these guys can do alone, but this New Day shtick is certainly coming to an end soon.
I feel like the Titus O'Neil angle from RAW was sort of a practice for Xavier Woods, and even possibly a way to gauge crowd response to his ability to sell a match on the mic. I think Woods passed that test pretty well. (By the way, that was the most fun I've had watching Titus since the height of the Prime Time Players face run.)
One way or another, this New Day thing has to end. I don't feel like there's much more to be done with it that would be compelling. 


Bayley HAS to play an underdog role, there's no way around it. She's so small and so loveable that it has to go that way, much like the way it has to go with Sami Zayn.
What sets this apart, or at least SHOULD set this apart from the Sami Zayn style of angle is the way the other characters treat her.
With Zayn, nearly everyone on-screen acknowledges that Zayn is a tough competitor, they just make it known that they think his toughness and never-say-die attitude just isn't enough to combat his size disadvantage.
With Bayley, I think everyone should not even give her that much credit. Much like how Stephanie mocked her, everyone should make fun of Bayley and doubt her every ability. They should act as though they think Bayley is nothing but a marketing tool to sell bright-colored shirts.
This will only help Bayley's sympathy, and can even help her develop a mean streak, and a willingness to go to any lengths to defeat her naysayers. 


WWE is pushing the big dogs hard for this year's Royal Rumble, evidenced by the showdown between Reigns, Goldberg, and Strowman last night. Hell, even Lesnar was "represented" by Paul Heyman.
WWE's traditional booking worries me that we're going to see Lesnar and Goldberg eliminate each other somehow, leading to WrestleMania rematch, Strowman will get the Andre the Giant treatment and get thrown out by about 15 guys, and then that leaves Roman, who they seemingly just can't quit on.
Now, it wouldn't surprise me if they have Goldberg win this whole thing, and then somehow find a way to get the title back on Lesnar before WrestleMania. I can picture Vince McMahon drooling over that right now.
Does a big man win the Rumble this year, or do they swerve us all and give it to someone like Ziggler or Dean Ambrose?
That's what makes the Rumble so fun, and I can't wait to see how it all plays out!

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- Captain Awesome
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