T-Mac's 3P's - Sep 7 - Sept 13, 2016

Being a wrestling fan can be tough sometimes, leaving you in a pit of negativity about the overall product.
This happened to T-Mac a few years ago and the fans of our podcast started to lash out at him for it.
So, being the great podcast co-host that he is, T-Mac decided to make a change that would make him more positive and patient with the wrestling product.
T-Mac's idea was T-Mac's 3P's; a weekly list of 3 things that he either found positive, or decided to be patient about.
T-Mac shares his 3P's each week on the podcast, but for those that can't/won't listen to the show; we provide them here for you as well.
All that said, here are T-Mac's 3P's for the week of August 31 to September 6, 2016.

P1 - POSITIVE - AJ Styles as WWE Champion!

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AJ Styles is arguably the best professional wrestler on the planet, and it's great to see himi awarded with the greatest prize of them all for his hard wrok.
Also, the fans have been wanting to see this for a long time, and now they get it, which is always great for everyone involved.
Now that he's one of only 3 people to have held the NWA and WWE World titles, the only man to hold those two titles, plus the TNA and IWGP title, you could make an argument for greatest of all time, and his time in WWE is just getting started!


image courtesy of WWE.com
The Backlash PPV exceeded expectations and was a great way to start the Smackdown era.
All the matches went over well and really set the tone for Smackdown Live moving forward.
Also, Smackdown was able to turn that momentum into nearly matching RAW's ratings this week!


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Roman Reigns is a touchy subject for many WWE fans; most either loving him a lot, or hating him as much. So, when the fans begin to feel like Roman is being pushed too hard, they start to voice their opinion against that very loudly.
Utilizing Roman in midcard title feuds like this can possibly help some of that, by keeping him out of the ultimate spotlight that could cause a lot of tension in the crowd, and putting him against one of the best heels in the company at the moment.
Both of these guys have very physical styles and should be able to put on brutal matches that keep the fans talking.

Stay tuned for next week's 3P's and check out the PODCAST where you can hear T-Mac tell you his 3P's himself!
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