T-Mac's 3P's - Aug 31 - Sep 6, 2016

Being a wrestling fan can be tough sometimes, leaving you in a pit of negativity about the overall product.
This happened to T-Mac a few years ago and the fans of our podcast started to lash out at him for it.
So, being the great podcast co-host that he is, T-Mac decided to make a change that would make him more positive and patient with the wrestling product.
T-Mac's idea was T-Mac's 3P's; a weekly list of 3 things that he either found positive, or decided to be patient about.
T-Mac shares his 3P's each week on the podcast, but for those that can't/won't listen to the show; we provide them here for you as well.
All that said, here are T-Mac's 3P's for the week of August 31 to September 6, 2016.


image courtesy of WWE.com
Smackdown Live's first exclusive Special Event is make or break, if they intend to maintain the stance that the two brands are equal.
AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose are tasked with going hard; give us a memorable match to remember this event by.
The undercard obviously needs to step their game up as well, a lot is riding on this event.


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Roman Reigns is in limbo, as far as his character's direction is concerned.
WWE clearly wants Reigns as an upper-card, main-event, world title contender.
The WWE Universe clearly wants Reigns as a middle-card, Intercontinental title contender.
WWE could very well do as they wish and it could play out well, but history tells us that is not likely to happen. 


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The Usos heel turn was old school. They didn't think about it too hard, they just started acting differnet, and then beat down some white hot baby faces to get some good heat.
They even managed to make the baby faces look even better by jobbing quickly to American Alpha before giving them such a villainous beat down.
The Usos managed to be one of the best tag teams of the PG Era and now look like they have no intention of having the New Era play out any differently for them.

Stay tuned for next week's 3P's and check out the PODCAST where you can hear T-Mac tell you his 3P's himself!
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