Goldberg Makes His Return to the Canvas on WWE Canvas 2 Canvas with @RobSchamberger

Check out our friend of the show Rob Schamberger as he shows us the process of painting the recently-returning Goldberg!

Goldberg jumped on the scene in 1997 and arguably made more noise than anyone ever did in the professional wrestling scene.

WCW rode Goldberg's charisma and presence all the way to top by presenting him as an unstoppable, unbeatable bad ass that could cause fear in the hearts of any competitor, including Hollywood Hogan and the monstrous New World Order faction he was leading at the time.

Goldberg eventually found his way to the WWE after the demise of WCW, but his tenure there was significantly less impactful than his time in WCW.

Golberg is back, however, to hopefully go out on a better note than he did at WrestleMania XX.

Will he win? Will WWE job him out to their Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar?

Are you happy that Goldberg is back?

Let us know your thoughts by sending an email to, or by using #TweetTheTable on Twitter and we will read some or all them on our next episode of The Spanish Announce Table.

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