Destination Reboot By Dustin T Hull

                 Now that the reveal of the new TV deal has settled in for Impact fans, this is what we know at the moment. Destination America seemed to welcome TNA Wrestling in willingly and stated Impact “fits perfectly within our (Destination America) DNA” in their press release; positive to hear that they are eager to have this partnership. We have seen (presumably) the final episode with original content on Spike as both side amicably split from their partnership. Finally, we know that Dixie is working on a deal to make sure the Canadian viewers still have weekly access to Impact. While a lot is left unknown, we see that Impact is moving into 2015 with some major changes to what fans are used to.

                Perhaps the biggest point of interest for me came from the tweets of TNA Producer Bryan Edwards. When questioned if there would be new logos and graphics upon the move to Destination America, Edwards simply replied “new everything. Fresh start.” Many are speculating if this means aspects like set design to the storylines being reset, but I am going to look at a few things I would enjoy when debuting Impact on Destination America in 2015.

Make A Statement

                I think the color scheme for Impact needs to be fresh. If this is a full reboot, one of the biggest changes they could make to set them apart from the Spike timeline would be a bold new choice in the color schemes for TNA. Dixie tweeted about how good TNA would look in Red, White, & Blue, but I am thinking bolder than that: green. How transformed would it be to see the Impact name in a bright green that jumps off the screen? This could easily be a miss (I already hear the GFW comparisons coming), but a bright, bold green would certainly set them apart for “Impact of Spike” when they debut… And who knows, they might bring back those green laser lights as a solution to replace the Pyro that was lost earlier this decade; please understand that was a joke.

Go All Out
                The first episode of Impact needs to send a message that this IS different and you have to see the change. TNA has a loyal fan base, but we must face the facts that Destination America might not reach all of them. So they need to create that buzz to get those who might not have the channel willing to contact their local provider and demand it. With contract deals being talked about, I honestly think that acquiring the talents of Drew Galloway and El Patron (with ring announcer) will get the wrestling community talking if utilized properly.

 Picture the show starting off with Kurt Angle welcoming in the newest members of the roster, Alberto & Ricardo. Dixie makes her on screen return to tell Kurt that this was the LAST decision he’d be making for Impact, darlin’ as he put his hands on a contracted talent in MVP. Roode comes out, gives a few verbal jabs at Dixie, and challenges Del Rio to a match in the main event. Start strong, big debut, put an end to the Angle regime, AND make a major main event for the first show.

Tweak Storylines ONLY Where Needed

                With the opener having big changes, momentum should continue throughout the show. JB can attempt to find out if Dixie is indeed, “back”. Dixie announces that with the complications of a broken back, she won’t be fully capable of keeping these guys in order, but knows the exact person needed to clean up Kurt’s mess. At the half point in the show, Dixie makes the announcement that EC3 will be the active GM moving forward. This will keep EC3 prominent while recovering from his injury as well as give him a chance to shine at what he does best: piss off the fans.

At the end of the night, Roode & Patron carry on a main event of the caliber Roode is capable of. Just when we think that Patron is about to get the win – you know, the moment internet fans are screaming BS for an ex-WWE guy getting the belt - out of the crowd Drew Galloway with Magnus & Bram emerge. They decimate those in the ring, when we hear “Trouble” hit. Out walks EC3 to announce that once again, he has 1 upped Kurt. Aunt D informed him earlier in the week of her intentions and he went out of his way to do what he can to impress his loving aunt. He welcomes the newest member of the Impact roster as the show closes. This could be a major hook to really get those fans feeling like they must go out of their way to see the next episode.

We all know that this is fantasy booking 101; the signs of a true “mark” as many have labeled it. However, we can’t deny the fact that TNA has a chance to start completely fresh with this move to Destination America. No more coats of paint on that old house, TNA is living in a brand new one. With this chance, they need to make their first night there one that fans will cherish for years to come.
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