The Reality Wrestler by Dustin T. Hull

When Jessie Godderz debuted as Tara’s Hollywood boyfriend at Bound for Glory 2012, I heard immediate criticism. This chiseled specimen was a reality TV star who gained notoriety for being the first person to appear on Big Brother 5 years in a row. In an unfortunately ironic twist, the vocal aspect of wrestling fandom on the interwebs immediately rejected him for what I feel was his strength coming into the promotion; his charisma in front of a camera. Yet, in the face of instant critics who slammed TNA for picking up what some considered a no name in the wrestling word, “Mr. Pec-tacular” has brushed the hate off his massive shoulders as he delivers an incredibly high dropkick to their face… And then proceeds to ask his twitter followers if they saw how high that was.

What many were unaware of was that Godderz signed to TNA in 2011 and went to train in Danny Davis’ Ohio Valley Wrestling. He managed to achieve the tag titles 5 times. Godderz captured one title reign with Marcus Anthony (who would become Lincoln Broderick in NXT) and 4 more with Rudy Switchblade as a member of the Best Team Ever. All through his training in OVW and Team 3D Academy, Godderz continued to show improvement in the ring as well as allowing the same showmanship he displayed on Big Brother to elevate his on screen character in the world of wrestling.

After being Tara’s ace, Godderz found what I personally think is his perfect role. In a great twist, Robbie E was paired with Godderz to confront the TNA Tag Team Champions at the time; Gunner & Storm. Their first attempt failed, but it was obvious that the chemistry in the tag team was immediate as these two men complimented the other in both style and comedic value. With “Mr. Olympia” Phil heath in their corner, the newly named “BroMans” captured their first tag titles at last year’s Bound for Glory… And in BroMan fashion, they celebrated by dousing each other with protein shakes. Yes, it was as hilarious to see as it is to write this out.

This (now two time) former tag title holding team was given a kick ass DJ when Zema Ion returned from dealing with health issues and the current BroMans group is perfect together. Some of their best comedy work has come during Spin Cycle. The cast of Jessie-tho, Robbie-tho, DJZ-tho are joined by Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud while Jeremy Borash is tasked with trying to corral the comedic onslaught. This opportunity has given all members of the panel a chance to show much more personality than what a 2 hour time slot could allot on Wednesday Nights.

At this point, I am happy to see just how far Godderz has come, but the prospective talent he possesses has me envisioning where we might see him down the road. With the potential Godderz has, I would allow him to continue his improvement inside the BroMans for the next year or two. At this point, we can see the return of either Velvet or Angelina (assuming they are not still involved after Robbie E’s player ways were caught on Impact television) into the picture. The female takes interest in Mr. PEC-tacular and Robbie takes issue with his Bro blowing him off. In a twist, the female character sides with Robbie and now Godderz finds himself in a feud with a great amount of history to it. Once Jessie triumphs over his former partner, he finds himself in a position to be cheered as he makes the tweaks needed to his character to be appealing in a face capacity.

From here, I’d like to see Godderz play the “cool Hollywood character” without being the stereotypical egotistic heel. The Matthew McConaughey of rising stars on the TNA roster, he is always laid back with memorable one-liners. Godderz is so into the “now” that he walks to the ring while messing with his phone, stopping to give the fans a head nod and smile. He even approaches them to take selfies with him that he can post later on twitter. During his matches, we can see Godderz execute a text book dropkick, walk to his phone in the corner, and send a text message. Shortly after, a text bubble pops up in the top left corner of the program that reads; “Mr. PEC-tacular: That dropkick was so high, I had to get clearance from ground control before landing”.

From 2011 until currently, Jessie Godderz has received MANY mixed reviews from us self-appointed critics on the internet for a talent with such a short life time in the wrestling business. But no matter the critiques fans may have, Godderz has continued evolving in the ring and as a character. At 28 years old, if his first 3 years have established a pattern, then we should see Godderz establish himself as a great homegrown talent for TNA in his 30s. And with shoulders like that bro, I can fully see him carrying all that talent into the future.

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